360 Virtual Tours for Schools, Colleges & Nurseries

360 Virtual Tours for Schools

Interactive Walkthrough Tours for Schools, Colleges, Nurseries & Universities

In these uncertain times, it’s vital that we can create safe spaces for students to learn and feel comfortable.

Schools have done an excellent job of changing policies and working under enormous pressures. Parents and pupils have rightly been nervous and feeling anxious about their return to their primary school, or indeed transition to secondary school. Unfortunately, many of the standard transitional activities have not been able to be carried out due to restrictions adding the pressure on both schools and students.

Our team are all fully DBS Checked and we have all relevant insurances including Public Liability so you can rest assured we are the perfect choice for 360 virtual tours for schools across Warwickshire and the West Midlands.

DBS Checked Staff Member for Schools

Why 360 Virtual Tours for Schools?

✓ Ease worried parents
✓ Reassure new students and parents
✓ Reduce footfall to your site
✓ No appointments required

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Why Soft-Focus?

We have been the go-to provider for 360 virtual tours across Warwickshire & The West Midlands for the last 7 years. Creating interactive 360 virtual tours for schools, colleges, nurseries and universities.

  Highest Quality images produced
  Fully custom produced tour
  Lots of options eg. add Video, Photos and much much more!
  Upload to Google Streetview

So what can I do within my virtual tour?

Image Gallery inside 3D Virtual TourImage Gallery

We are able to embed any photos you already have of your school included theme days, events, staff or anything else.

Play Video YouTube in Virtual TourVideos

Whether its short videos of your teachers talking, or highlights of the school nativity play we are able to embed videos directly into the tour or from YouTube.

Voice Over Music Icon for 360 Virtual ToursMusic & Voice Over

Add a voice-over of your headteacher or member of staff giving a voice tour of each room, or even include sound of the choir practicing in the hall

Live Guided Tour for 360 Virtual TourLive Guided Tour

Our incredible Live Guided tour merges video calls with a 360 tour, so you can provide a live guided tour to parents from the comfort of their home.

Custom Theme for 360 Virtual TourCustom Theme

We are able to create a beautiful custom theme for your 360 Tour so it matches the look and feel of your schools website.

Screen Replacement Editing 3D ToursScreen Replacements

We can replace any TV screens or white boards you might have, this can be a simple putting your logo on, or more impressive we can include videos on the screen.

Editing & Touch Ups for 360 Panoramic PhotosPhoto Editing & Touch Ups

If something isn’t quite right on the day, or will be changed in the future, we are able to edit parts out or make the school look it’s best!

Info Point for 360 Virtual TourCall Outs / Info Points

Info points or callouts are a great way to highlight key features to your education setting and can be feature rich.

Floor Plan & Site Plan for 360 Virtual TourSchool Map

If you have a map of your school this can be used as yet another way for parents and pupils to navigate your school tour.


16K Resolution

So what does that mean? It means that the photos we use for the 360 virtual tours are really high quality.


HDRI - High Dynamic Range Imaging. This means every time we take a photo, we are actually taking at least 3, to cover all exposures.


Our 360 virtual tours work everywhere. From computers and laptops, tablets and mobile phones. You can even use VR Headsets to view.

Soft-Focus are a full-service production company meaning we can also provide your education setting with a wide range of other services including Video and Photography. If you would like to find out more please send us a message.