360 Virtual Tours & Open Days for Schools, Colleges & Nurseries

360 Virtual Tours & Virtual Open Days 

Many pre-Coronavirus standard transitional activities, tours, and show-arounds have not been carried out recently due to restrictions, adding to the pressure on both schools and students.

Parents and pupils have understandably been feeling nervous and anxious about returning to school, enrolling in a new school, or transitioning to secondary school or college. 

At Soft-Focus we can help you to reassure your potential and existing parents, carers, and children, making them feel more optimistic and excited about the next chapter. 

We can do this without them having to set foot on your premises or book an appointment.

Our team are all fully DBS-checked and we have all relevant insurances including Public Liability. You can rest assured we are the perfect choice for visual images and 360 virtual tours for schools across Warwickshire and the West Midlands.

DBS Checked Staff Member for Schools

360-Degree Virtual Tours / Virtual Open Days

360-degree virtual tours are increasingly popular in the education sector, and for good reason.

We’ve been the go-to provider for 360 virtual tours across Warwickshire and The West Midlands for the last 7 years, creating interactive 360 virtual tours for schools, colleges, nurseries, and universities.

These interactive 360-degree virtual tours allow the viewer to move around the school classrooms and outside facilities at their own pace.

We’re now working with schools and colleges throughout the UK to enable prospective students and parents to benefit from a show around that they’re unable to have in person, some of which include a live video chat feature within the tour.

This helps to reduce any fears children may have about changes, and to reassure the children and their carers that safety measures have been carried out.

Tours are completely customisable to fit with your setting’s branding, and, once set up, will do your marketing for you!

A virtual tour gives transparency and generates a positive first impression. Your prospective parents feel in control and will understand that you care about their children seeing their future school before they enrol. This adds to the feeling that you’re concerned about their mental as well as their physical wellbeing.

What will we shoot?

We’ll provide with a tour of your facilities, showing off what you have to offer and helping them to feel like they’re almost there with you.

Parents will be able to get a real feel for your facilities and will be able to picture their children playing and learning in a safe and stimulating environment.

If you have specific spaces for certain activities, a 360 tour will allow viewers to view the activity and show their children what it will look like. Indoor and outdoor spaces can be brought to life, making the decision to enrol so much easier.

Why do you need high quality 360 tours?

We’re Google Verified. This means we can upload our 360-degree photography right into the Google Street View platform. If Google likes your website, your site will be served up higher up in the rankings, attracting more potential viewers. If they’re more likely to see you, they’re more likely to want to secure a place.

When Soft-Focus produce your tours, you’ll benefit from editing or touch-ups, for example if something is looking tired or dated and will be replaced, you can do it digitally in advance. You can integrate videos within the tour, giving further explanation of certain areas, and you can include explainer text if you choose. Your tour is fully customisable and branded, meaning you can produce a professional looking piece of content to be shared online.

To have a chat about how we can help you by providing a 360 virtual tour, please email us or fill in a contact form.

So what can I do within my virtual tour?

Image Gallery inside 3D Virtual TourImage Gallery

We are able to embed any photos you already have of your school included theme days, events, staff or anything else.

Play Video YouTube in Virtual TourVideos

Whether its short videos of your teachers talking, or highlights of the school nativity play we are able to embed videos directly into the tour or from YouTube.

Voice Over Music Icon for 360 Virtual ToursMusic & Voice Over

Add a voice-over of your headteacher or member of staff giving a voice tour of each room, or even include sound of the choir practicing in the hall

Live Guided Tour for 360 Virtual TourLive Guided Tour

Our incredible Live Guided tour merges video calls with a 360 tour, so you can provide a live guided tour to parents from the comfort of their home.

Custom Theme for 360 Virtual TourCustom Theme

We are able to create a beautiful custom theme for your 360 Tour so it matches the look and feel of your schools website.

Screen Replacement Editing 3D ToursScreen Replacements

We can replace any TV screens or white boards you might have, this can be a simple putting your logo on, or more impressive we can include videos on the screen.

Editing & Touch Ups for 360 Panoramic PhotosPhoto Editing & Touch Ups

If something isn’t quite right on the day, or will be changed in the future, we are able to edit parts out or make the school look it’s best!

Info Point for 360 Virtual TourCall Outs / Info Points

Info points or callouts are a great way to highlight key features to your education setting and can be feature rich.

Floor Plan & Site Plan for 360 Virtual TourSchool Map

If you have a map of your school this can be used as yet another way for parents and pupils to navigate your school tour.


The videos we produce can be used in a variety of ways. You’ll use them to enhance your website, share across your social media platforms, or to send as part of your communication with existing parents, governors, or invested parties. In the short term, if you’re promoting an upcoming event or new facility, video cannot be beaten. For the longer term, having a promotional overview of your setting – perhaps with titles or voiceovers – is invaluable.

Videos help you to tell a story and share the personalities within your setting, enabling your prospective parents and students to see exactly what to expect, so they can make an informed decision. Why not share some behind the scenes information or feature a member of staff to help your customers really understand and buy in to your ethos?

What will we shoot?

The videos we produce will:

  • Help your setting stand out from other establishments
  • Explain what it’s like at your school simply and visually 
  • Provide helpful content for your social media and email marketing
  • Increase engagement and interaction
  • Encourage new enrolments. 

Why do you need high quality videography?

Consumers often use video as means of researching before making a commitment. Rather than telling parents and pupils what your institution can give them, you can show them. Video lets them experience what you have to offer, without them ever having to leave their sofa. 

Are you running a nursery? You can use video to add credibility to your testimonials. You’ll probably have genuine reviews from satisfied parents on your website or Facebook. The problem is, they’re not verified as authentic. With video, you can show real testimonials, encouraging trust. 

To discuss how we can help you with your video needs, please email us or fill in a contact form.


We work with you to photograph things such as:

  • Pupils in classrooms, learning and having fun
  • Spaces such as outdoor play areas for nurseries
  • New technology used for learning experiences
  • The facilities that you offer, such as university accommodation, cafes, libraries, etc.
  • The external features of your establishment and its surroundings.

Why do you need high quality photography?

Statistics show that people spend about the same amount of time looking at photos of your establishment as reading about it. When you encourage parents into an inviting looking school, and they’re easily able to find the information they need, they’re more likely to make a positive enquiry. We put time, energy, and creativity into photographing your education facilities to make them look inviting, encouraging students to enrol. These images are perfect for your website and social media channels, as well as printed brochures. To have a chat about how we can help you with your photographic needs, please email us or fill in a contact form.

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